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Brazilian Crypto Exchange Mistakenly Sent $35 Million On Withdrawal To A User

What will you do when you go out to some withdraw money and co-incidentally you get millions in your account? Strange… right? Well, this is what happened with a person in Brazil.

Bitcambio, a cryptocurrency exchange in Brazil send one its users $35 million – when the person was trying to withdraw 500 reals, which are worth $127.

I thought it was a scam: User

As per the reports of a news outlet, Portal do Bitcoin, after the incident, the crypto exchange Bitcambio immediately started calling the person, Kaique Nunes, about the withdrawal. Speaking to the news outlet, Nunes said:

“Early last month, I issued some normal withdrawal orders. After a while, the crypto exchange Bitcambio called to let me know that they issued all this value and that they needed me to recognize a document in a notary’s office. I thought it was a coup.”

The user initially believed that some hacker managed to get his personal information, and he is now trying to get his signature. He also thought that someone was playing with him with the scam. The user ignored the crypto exchange at first, believing that some firm is trying to fool him. But after the exchange insisted Nunes, the transaction had been canceled. The process was not cleared yet, it required the signature check and verification of the document that was sent by the exchange via E-Mail.

The Exchange Reacted

Nunes tried to investigate the matter by his side. He posted on a crypto oriented Facebook group about the ordeal. In reply, one of the suppliers of Bitcambio, Rodrigo Souza, took the matter seriously and he was also the admin of the group.

Replying to Nunes’s statement, he said that the Bitcambio’s functions with all rules and regulation, however, by mistake it all happened.  While speaking to one of the news outlets, he stated that the exchange has found a bug behind the large error. He further added that as the size of the transaction was huge, it was not possible to cancel the transaction without the official documents and letter of agreement.

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