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Lighting Network That Enables Electric Bike To Run On Bitcoin Micropayments

Matthias Steinig, a German developer has created two projects which are notable and lighting related. The focus of Matthias Steinig is on the development of Lighting Network enabled technologies in order to serve customers. The two projects – e-commerce solution supports Lighting transactions in the web store, whereas the second one is the most interesting one – An electric bicycle that has a feature which allows users to pay for ‘boosts’ in exchange of some amount of bitcoin.

Matthias Steinig in his twitter handle announced the news and along with it, he published the code on GitHub.

About The Electric Car

The electric car’s rental system has two major components; operates on cheap Raspberry Pi hardware, along with the code which is written in Python. The code is simple and easy for the commercial developers in order to make any changes and improve it.

The two components; the first one is the server component – authorizes the battery of the electric bike in order to give ‘boost’ to the bike, and the second one; component attached to the electric bike – wireless receiver and an LCD screen.

The System in the Electric Bike

The system of the electric bike is not very complex; it is simple enough for anyone to understand: the battery of the bike kicks on ‘boost’ which the user makes payment for. The payment made by the user is as low as 250 satoshis (the smallest unit of the bitcoin currency) for one minute.

According to Steinig, the system will start for a selected amount of time and start driving when the payment has been made by the user. And after the end of the period, the system will switch off and the power supply will be interrupted. The user can still continue driving on his muscle power. The program in the system will return you to the screen where you can book another time. In case it doesn’t work, the program in the system will guide the user to the screen, where he can give a try again.

The increase in the demand for rental bikes in urban areas makes Lighting Bike more relevant. This business model has the capability to bring bitcoin into the minds of people all over the place.

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