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Popular Thai Actor Involved In A $24 Million Crypto Scam

When speaking in regard to the cryptocurrencies, celebrities generally serve as a means to attract greater attention of the community towards the industry. However, it has been recently reported that an eminent Thai Actor is put behind the bars for being allegedly involved in a crypto scam.

The latest story of the famous Thai Newspaper, ‘Bangkok Post’, capturing the interest of the world, read, Jiratpisit Jaravijit, popularly known as ‘Boom’ has been arrested in the context of an alleged cryptocurrency scam, worth 1 billion baht, which breaks down to almost USD 24 million.”

The case has been reported just this week, and it is being informed that the arrest took place in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok. As per the claims, the crypto scam involves a total contribution on the part of seven individuals, including the popular actor as one. In addition to the actor, his elder brother and sister have also been reported to be a part of the crypto scam. All the seven individuals, including Jiratpist Jaravijit along with his siblings, have been arrested and detained as defendants for their role in the alleged crime.

A serious probe into the crypto scam began after a complaint was filed by Aarni Otava Saarimaa, a Finnish businessman. A Thai court took to the investigation of the case and finally issued arrest warrants, against the seven accused of the crime, towards the end of July.

The scammers are believed to have received Bitcoin and issued its withdrawal immediately, prior to its conversion into fiat currency, and then transferring it back to their accounts. Furthermore, the well-known actor, Jiratpisit, feels that he is being imprisoned on the grounds of being involved in money laundering.

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